Stacie Jacob, Treasurer

Stacie Jacob, Chief Strategist, Solterra Strategies lives for “aha” moments—the milestones that prove unwavering tenacity and hard work can lead to tangible success. A believer in honesty, creativity, and building strong relationships, Jacob combines real-world knowledge, resolute leadership, and execution needed to transform client dreams into concrete success stories.

From her early days growing up in a small, Nebraska farming community to her celebrated work elevating Paso Robles’ and Washington State’s world class wine industries, Jacob works with clients representing a unique sense of place: food, wine, agriculture and tourism to promote their bounty and brilliance. 

"Mentors have been an important part of my personal and professional development. My mentors have introduced me to key contacts, provided me guidance and even shown tough love when necessary. I would not be where I am today without my mentors.  It’s time to give back and help others as we move forward on this journey," Stacie says. "It’s time to Dream Big!"