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Molly Donovan

Marketing Services Representative Federated Insurance - Learning Center Ancient Peaks Winery Intern 2016-2017

“I learned that cultivating relationships is one of the most valuable things in life and in the workplace. I have gained lifelong mentors, I am forever grateful! I highly recommend this program to help develop your strengths and to work alongside highly influential individuals.”



AUdrey Jackson

Artist of One Stone Cellars
Cal Arts, Dream Big Darling Artist

“Dream Big Darling is a beautiful project for such a needed cause. I had the privilege to see my artwork come to life. Like the women they aim to inspire, I also feel grateful to have this opportunity to have my artwork stand for something bigger than myself.”



Lacie Johns

Solterra Strategies Account Coordinator
Ancient Peaks Winery Intern 2017

“... I received the first-hand experiences I needed to be able to prepare myself for my future employment in the wine industry and networked with professionals that I now
have the privilege of working alongside. This program... goes above and beyond to educate young professionals, provide connections and open doors within the industry to begin their next chapter in the professional world.”



Macey Cox

Ancient Peaks Winery Brand Ambassador
& Intern 2018

“... I discovered several career opportunities related to the industry by spending time with professionals in: distribution, marketing, and journalism fields. This internship program is an awesome learning opportunity for anyone who is looking to gain real-world experience.”



Christine Curtis

Ancient Peaks Winery Marketing Coordinator
Dream Big Darling Creative Director

“I have been fortunate to have been mentored early on in my professional career. I know that I would not have had the success I have without my mentors drive, guidance and support of my dreams. I am so excited for Dream Big Darling because through the process of cultivating this brand and network, I am blown away by the support and need of this organization within the industry. I am excited to see other women, like me, thrive within this community of empowered women. I don’t think there is another platform out there that allows women to come together, dream together, inspire each other, and empower each other like Dream Big Darling will in the wine and spirits industry.”